My family has lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania for several generations. They were not wealthy people, but always ate well and lived long lives. Their recipes are difficult to translate because they were never really written down, just memorized from watching your mother cook, and her mother, and her mother. Things like 'a pinch' 'a dash' 'a handful' 'some' had to be translated into teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, etc. Along the line we've all come up with our own 'short cuts' because of time constraints, whatever. Here are some of my favorites, tell me what you think!!!
----------- Pam
Bova Shankel Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Chicken and Dumplings Chilli Con Carni
Cookies Corn Pie
Funnel Cake Ham Favorites
Filled Noodles Misc. Reader Contributions
Wacky Cake Rivel Soup
Scrapple Shepherd's Pie
Salads - A Few of My Favorites Misc. Requests (Sausage Gravy, Bread Filling)
Another Macaroni Salad Fritters (Corn, Clam, Apple, Carrot)
Various Pie Recipes Apple Pandowdy
More Ham Recipes Rhubarb Recipes
Kugelis Barbecue Sauces
Rice Pudding Recipes Just Desserts
Biscuits Sticky Buns
ShooFly Pie Chicken Pot Pie
Potato Soup Recipes Schnitz Un Knepp
Meatballs Black Beans and Rice
More Desserts Quiche me...Quick!
Fillings Fastnachts
Breads Custards
More Reader Contributions Candy
Pumpkin Favorites! Veggie Side Orders
Segar Cheese Vanilla and Chocolate Caramels
I'm looking forward to sharing more recipes with you. Please let me know if you enjoy them or have any questions or suggestions on our New Message Board Let me know where you're from and if you have any favorite local recipes to share. If you happen to be in Berks County PA you can pick up the ingredients for these tasty creations at one of our local farmers markets.